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The Mutual Difference

Customer owned insurance companies
with a community focus.

About Mutual Insurance

100% Canadian Property & Casualty Insurance

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Ontario Mutuals are uniquely community focused. They give back in a big way. Last year, the mutuals collectively donated over three million dollars to charities, hospitals, town projects and more.

Discover the Mutual Difference

The Mutual Model Explained

Premium Dollars

Premium dollars are collected from policyholders

Claims and Overhead/Operational Costs are Paid

Premium dollars are used to cover the costs of policyholder insurance claims and the overhead and operational costs of the mutual insurance company.

Remaining Premium Dollars

are Redistributed

​Because there are no shareholders in mutual insurance, any surplus of premium dollars is given back to policyholders in the form of refund cheques, donations to community projects and local charities, or smart investments to ensure the longevity of the company.

* The percentage of profits that are refunded, vs donated, vs invested will depend on each mutual insurance company's unique bylaws and the decisions of their Board.

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Business Conference/Meeting

Your Interests
Come First

When you become a policyholder at a mutual insurance company you become a member and an owner of that company. There are no shareholders. Only a thriving community of people who believe in coming together for the greater good. 

Each company's board of directors is made up of policyholders like you! Whether you're on the Board or not, this ensures that your interests are always put first.

Ontario Mutuals Logo: We're in this together
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